ThinkFree Office

ThinkFree Office 4.0.1480.97

Cheaper alternative to Microsoft Office


  • Exports to PDF
  • Very similar in look to MS Office
  • Integration with Android and Windows Mobile


  • Spell checkers in other languages missing
  • No toolbar customisation


ThinkFree Office is an alternative office suite that allows you to open and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations much as you would in Microsoft Office.

ThinkFree Office looks and feels very similar to MS Office and in some aspects seems to have copied it directly, especially in the way the word processor looks.

ThinkFree Office consists of three segments. Write (word processor), Show (presentation tool) and Calc (a spreadsheet tool).

The functionality of the components is very similar to MS Office and the free OpenOffice. org although OpenOffice is of course free and ThinkFree is not despite the name. ThinkFree Office does offer one advantage however which is a PDF export function for any document produced in ThinkFree Office.

You can also manage documents in ThinkFree Office with your Windows Mobile or Android device for free.

However, although there is an English spell checker, other languages don't seem to be catered for.

It also takes extremely long to load on the initial start and there's no way to customize toolbars.

ThinkFree Office looks and feels like Microsoft's office suite although users of OpenOffice get pretty much everything the same and for free.

No release notes available.


  • No release notes available.

ThinkFree Office 3 is a suite of Microsoft� Office compatible-applications. It includes word processing, spreadsheet and graphical presentation applications that let users create or edit their documents and files.

This revolutionary software is platform independent and compatible with Windows, Linux and Macintosh systems; enabling almost anyone to use it-no matter what operating system they're running.

ThinkFree Office


ThinkFree Office 4.0.1480.97

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